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40K in 2020

Jul 5, 2020 | Announcements, Feature, Harry's, News | 0 comments

Redwood Camp Meeting 2020

You had heard that Redwood Campmeeting has been Paused Until 2021 Due to COVID-19. Read more here.

We are so glad that this is not the end of the story. Redwood Virtual Campmeeting is coming July 23 to July 25. AND, you will be able to watch the videos over and over again throughout the following year.

Yet this is also not the end of the story. The pausing of camp meeting up on the Eel River still costs money and there are some expenses to a virtual camp meeting. So we are asking you to help us raise $40,00.00 to cover these expenses.

You can help with this by donating the full amount of your normal camp fees to Redwood or a portion of the fee. Anything you can donate will help us reach our goal of $40,000. Reaching this goal will keep the Redwood Area Executive Board on track to reach a fully functional camp meeting at the desired capacity in the next 5 years. With 2 years of growth and balanced budgets behind us, we do not want 2020 to take away from these gains. So please consider what you can do to help.


    1. Donate all or a portion of your 2020 fees to camp expenses (and receive a tax receipt). Your donation will continue to help Redwood Camp Meeting to serve many more in the future.

      Email redwoodareacamp2020@gmail.com or call (707) 682-9082

    2. Send a check to:

      2437 Dyerville Loop Rd, Redcrest, CA 95569

    3. To make a donation by Credit/Debit Card:

      Send an Email to redwood@nccsda.com
      Please note your phone number and the best times for us to call you. Please do not put your Credit Card information in the email.

Then please plan on joining us in 2021 back at Redwood Area Campmeeting in Humboldt County. God has granted us a most beautiful nature cathedral on the banks of the Eel River.


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Author: Harry Salvini


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