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Renew Your Walk With God

Redwood (Virtual)

Campmeeting 2020

COMING JULY 23 to 25, 2020

Connecting With God

2020 was not been an easy year for many of us. Many worries and a very limited ability to connect with our loved ones or friends. While the onsite camp meeting at the Cathedral in the Redwoods is not going to happen this year, we are very excited to announce that a virtual camp meeting is coming. This year we have a unique opportunity to bring your family a chance to participate together in programs form all over the camp, from Cradleroll to old-timers. There will be singing, interactive events, and uplifting presentations. While we can not gather together, we have designed these programs so you can take them with you out into nature or watch them at home.

Our Amazing Location Is Deep In The Redwoods

2437 Dyerville Loop Road.
Redcrest, California 95569


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Redwood Camping must go on. Don’t miss out on this blessing.

Our Exciting Line Up of Programs!

Music from all over Camp

Onsite Campmeeting

Guest Speakers

Ricardo Graham
Roy Ice
Chanda Nunes

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What is Being Planned

We are excited what is on its way. We hope you are receive a great blessing for the whole family. Welcome to Redwood Virtual Camp Meeting and join us on this unique journey to stay connected to God and to each other in these difficult times.


We need Jesus more now than ever.

Music for all Ages

Join us for he different music programs and let you heart and voice sing along with the Spirit.

Uplifting Spiritual Programs

Join us for spirit filled programs. See who is speaking.

Interactive Zoom Events

Find out our our younger members can join us for interactive events with division leaders

Uniquely Redwood Specials

These are uniquely Redwood programs that will help fill the gap of what you are missing this year.