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Lee and Marji Venden: Keynote Speaker 2021

Jul 17, 2021 | Announcements, Speakers, Speakers 2021 | 0 comments

Lee and Marji Venden

Currently work as a Revivalist Team for the Arizona Conference, offering seminars as an aid to pastors and churches desiring to deepen a congregation’s spirituality by assisting individual members in their personal walk with Christ. The Venden’s presentations are characterized by clear, practical, suggestions on how to develop or deepen a meaningful relationship with Jesus.

Lee Venden

Has never forgotten the joy he experienced when he discovered the difference between knowing about Jesus and actually knowing Jesus. A pastor and educator for nearly 40 years, Lee has sought to know Jesus better and to help others accomplish that as well. He has authored three books and co-authored the internationally popular website, www.moreaboutjesus.org. His sermons can be viewed over the internet and on the various Television Networks.

Marji Venden

Has a particular interest in helping children understand that they too can have a personal friendship with Jesus. As an educator for more than 12 years, and mother of two children, Marji loves to assist parents who are seeking to guide their children into a relational understanding of Christianity.


Taken from www.allaboutjesusseminars.org


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