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Redwood Media Submission Form

Please before going to all the trouble to fill out this form make sure you have permission from Redwood Area Campmeeting to make such a request by emailing redwoodareacamp.communications@gmail.com.

This is a hidden form and is only replied to once an email request has been approved. Thank you for your understanding.

Make sure to email us a Release Form for every individual that is identifiable in your video. We can not post any identifiable faces without release forms. There are not many exceptions.

Videos can not contain any canned music. Any music that is not original to the performers or to Redwood Camp Meeting cannot be used.


Please fill out all field as best you can.

3 + 7 =


! CLICK the SUBMIT BUTTON on the ABOVE form only once and then fill out the form BELOW and CLICK submit button on it once FOR EACH PERSON in the video. This includes the cordinating contact and the person taking the video! Thank you


Please fill out a seperate form and click submit for each person.

1 + 10 =

Please continue to enter names for the other invloved. Do one submission for each individuals directly involved in the making of a video.

Also please remember to fill out a RAC Release Form for each.


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