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Pausing to 2021

Redwood Camp Meeting 2020
Paused Until 2021 Due to COVID-19

During an online meeting on April 7, the Redwood Camp Meeting Executive Board voted not to hold this summer’s camp meeting due to the current public health crisis. The board also voted to close the campground to all groups through the end of the year and to revise the current budget to keep the camp operational until next year.

Redwood leaders and NCC administrators consider this development a pause – not an ending – to the ongoing camp meeting tradition. “We know that many people are disappointed with this painful decision, and the leadership is very sad, too,” said Redwood Area Camp Director Harry Salvini. “For a long time, we were hoping that we could postpone the event, but that is not a feasible option, so we will begin focusing on 2021.”

Virtual Camp Meeting a Possibility
Although campers may not be able to gather in the redwoods, Salvini hopes that they can still enjoy a time of spiritual refreshment and fellowship this summer. “We hope to put together a ‘virtual camp meeting’ online, and we’ll be sending out more information in the future,” he said.

Salvini asks campers to be patient as he and other Redwood leaders deal with current circumstances and ways to respond. “I am swimming in uncharted waters here,” he said. “My water wings are not rated for deep waters, and I am asking for us to all pull together.”

Appreciation for Our Campers
In the meantime, thank you for being a supporter of Redwood Camp Meeting. We love you all and stay safe!

Already paid to reserve a 2020 campsite?
Contact our special 2020 reservation
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to let us know which of these options works for you:

1. Donate the fee to camp expenses (and receive a tax receipt). Your donation will continue to help Redwood Camp Meeting serve many more in the future.
2. Transfer the reservation to Redwood 2021. We’ll look forward to seeing you next year!
3. Request a refund. (Due to COVID-19 and different county restrictions, please allow several weeks for processing).


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