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The Best Destinations to See California’s Redwood Giants

May 26, 2020 | Feature | 0 comments

Perhaps one of the world’s most natural and amazing treasures is the Redwood forests that can be found throughout California. It is a bucket list destination for anyone who loves sheer natural beauty, roaring landscapes and gigantic trees. 

Where are the best places to catch a glimpse of California’s Redwood giants? This list has you covered.

  1. Avenue of the Giants
    Location: Humboldt County, CA.The name says it all. The Avenue of the Giants is a sprawling highway of gorgeous Redwoods. You don’t even have to get out of your car to enjoy the beauty, but you should get out and see them up close and personal.The best time to visit the Avenue of the Giants is in the summer months. Specifically, the last two weeks of July is when Redwood Area Camp (new website launching soon) holds its annual family retreat. It is a Christian retreat to celebrate God and worship in the great outdoors. With 100 acres of land and tons of space for a campsite, this is a retreat, unlike anything you have ever seen. Camp below the biggest trees in the world, listen to the most incredible Christian music and recharge with God.

    Additionally, near the Avenue of the Giants, you can drive right through a Redwood at the Drive-Thru Tree, enjoy a soothing trek through Founder’s Grove and take a gander at the “Champion Coast Redwood” – a giant of giants measuring in at 370 feet tall!

  2. Yosemite National Park
    Location: Mariposa, CA.Giant sequoias make their home at Yosemite National Park in the Mariposa Grove. Practically 4 hours due East of San Francisco, Yosemite National Park is definitely an American treasure. You can enjoy breathtaking hikes, beautiful waterfalls, high mountain meadows and spectacular panoramic views of mountains and valleys.However, it is the Mariposa Grove that you do not want to pass up. A classic hotel makes it home here with the grove of over 500 sequoias trees. The best part is that you can enjoy a guided tour of the grove, or pick from easy to strenuous hiking trails to grasp all the beauty this grove has to offer.

  3. Petrified Redwood Forest
    Location: Calistoga, CA.A majestic forest of petrified redwoods is what you will find here. This is also where you will find the largest petrified trees in the entire world. Nearby Mount St. Helena erupted and caused this fossilized forest of Redwoods.The Petrified Redwood Forest has been owned and operated by the Calistoga family since 1914. They offer self-guided trails, daily guided tours, family history tour and a shop with uniquely inspired gifts from the forest.

  4. Sequoia and Kings National Park
    Location: Three Rivers, CA.A landscape of dramatic size, beauty and diversity are what you will find at Sequoia and Kings National Park. Alongside the world’s largest trees, you will discover huge mountains, rugged foothills, deep canyons, and vast caverns.There’s no shortage of activities you and your family can enjoy in nature here. There is lodging and camping, a visitor’s center, day hiking, drives and viewpoints, and likely appearances by diverse wildlife.

Bottom Line
The Redwood trees are a world treasure and can easily become your next destination location. Whether you desire a Christian camp retreat or a national park exploration, there is definitely something for everyone or every family. 


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Author: Jada Lewis


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