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The content for this page is currently being written and tested and will be available shortly. To get to the information you need on any subject or product that we cover please email us at redwood@nccsda.com.

The web team Redwood Campmeeting has been busy getting ready for its first online virtual camp meeting in response to COVID -19. We will launch the website in the Winter of 2021 in preparation for our next full on-site camp meeting. Here are some of the exciting things you will already find on on this website:

  • In cooperation with the Northern California Conference of SDA’s and the Redwood Executive Board, the RAC Communications team is about ready to announce that there will be a Virtual Campmeeting this July 2020. We already have confirmations for Ricardo Graham, Roy Ice, PUC, Rio Lindo, and the ABC. We have several special shows planned that include craft, cooking, and time in nature.  Plus there will be many hours of music.
  • First, our new blog at redwoodareacamp.com/blog/ There is not much there yet but we will be adding to it on basically a daily bases. If you would like to suggest a topic please email us at redwood@nccsda.com.
  • The schedule for the virtual camp meeting will be available soon. You can expect it in the first week of July. It will be here.

If you find something that seems out of place or would like to make a suggestion please email redwood@nccsda.com.


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